My focus is on translations from the English and Czech languages into German.

I also translate from the German language into English or Czech working under the four-eye-principle: prior to sending you the translation, it will be proofread a second time by another qualified translator.

In case you require a German certified translation of an English or Czech certificate to present to a German authority, I would be glad to be of your assistance in this matter as well.

A German translation of an English or Czech text already exists, but you are not satisfied with it? You are very welcome to send me the said translation for review in which case I can either revise the text’s orthography and grammar only or – should you wish so – provide suggestions for stylistic improvements as well.

I also review your German original texts, presenting them in the proper light in terms of orthography, grammar and style.

Do you have questions or do you want to contact me regarding a pending translation? Please contact me via my email address.

I look forward to your enquiry.