Certified Translations

Do you require your English birth certificate in German because you want to get married in Germany and have to present it to the corresponding authority? In this case, you will require a certified translation of your certificate.
Publicly appointed and sworn-in as a translator for the English and Czech languages by the Higher Regional Court of Dresden, I am allowed to translate English and Czech documents and certificates into the German language and certify these translations for administrative or legal purposes. In order to do so, the document to be translated has to be made available to me in the original because in using my seal and signature I certify that the translation is exact and accurate and that I have seen the original. In this form, German authorities will accept your translated certificates.

You now want me to provide you with a certified translation of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, Diploma, (school) certificate, contract or a similar document? Please contact me via my email address.

I look forward to your enquiry.