Project moved to

29th June 2010

The project moved to and will be no longer maintained in the previous KDE subversion.
To get the latest sources, just clone
Now it is much more easy to grant new developers access to the project.

Debian and Ubuntu packages ready!

29th May 2009

Good news for all Ubuntu and Debian users.
After several attempts i successfully finished last night the build of Ubuntu and Debian packages in the openSUSE Buildservice.

In the press...

20th May 2009

linuxuser ActivityDiary is getting famous:
In the 06/09 release of the german linuxuser there's published an article about ActivityDiary. These are the first public steps for our project ActivityDiary and we hope for a lot of positive feedback and maybe some contributors.

Release of activitydiary-0.2

20th April 2009

This is the second release of ActivityDiary.
A lots of bugs have been fixed and some new features where added.
  • "New Activity..." Wizard
  • Manually draw Tracks (without GPS Data) directly in the map
  • Polar Heartrate Data (HRM) can be added to Track

Release of activitydiary-0.1

6th February 2009

This is the initial release of ActivityDiary. It comes along with the following features:
  • MapView with dynamic downloaded and cached maptiles from OpenStreetMap
  • Smoothless scroll and zoom around the world within the Map View
  • Offline usage, with cached maptiles from pre-downloaded area
  • Import GPS Data from GPX files
  • Visualize all waypoints as track in the Map View
  • Moveable start and end points in the Map View to select only parts of the track
  • Additional track information represents the currently selected part of the track
  • Dynamic line chart for track speed and altitude
  • Add user defined add-on information to your activity
  • Save, Edit, Load or Remove Activities
  • Calendar to navigate through your Activities