Activity Memories

Analyse and Manage all your recorded GPS- Tracks

Ever got back home from hiking, cycling, running or other activities and ask yourself: "Where have we been ?" and "How long did we travel ?" ...
These times belong to the past. Now ActivityDiary takes care of all your activities.

ActivityDiary is the digital Diary for all your Activities.
A Diary entry (Activity) consists of:
  • GPS information, read from your recorded Track
  • User defined add-on informations for your Track (name, profile, weather, description,...)
  • Calculated informations (speed, length)
GPS Tracks can be recorded with your favorite GPS Device and imported as GPX Format into ActivityDiary. Your imported Track gets visualized in a dynamic Map View, with free maptiles from OpenStreetMap. Additional track data informs about time, distance, average speed and average altitude. A Chart shows track information (e.g. speed, altitude) relative to the time of the track.

Imported and visualized Tracks can be extended with user defined information, like name, activity type, track profile, weather, description,... .
Your new Activity is saved in the Diary and can be loaded, edited and removed at any time with the Diary calendar.

Regardless from the Activity type - wether you are a sportsman, preparing for the next challenge or a casual hiker, loving the sound of the nature - ActivityDiary takes care about all the individuel track information you need.


These features can be found in the latest stable release of ActivityDiary.
  • MapView with dynamic loaded maptiles from OpenStreetMap
  • Smoothless scroll and zoom around the world within the Map View
  • Offline usage, with cached maptiles from pre-downloaded area
  • Import GPS Data from GPX files
  • Visualize all waypoints as track in the Map View
  • Moveable start and end points in the Map View to select only parts of the track
  • Additional track information represents the currently selected part of the track
  • Dynamic line chart for track speed and altitude
  • Add user defined add-on information to your activity
  • Save, Edit, Load or Remove Activities
  • Calendar to navigate through your Activities